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Diana Johnson

I've been a writer all my life; it was a secret I was dying to tell!

Growing up in a small town in north-central West Virginia in the 1970’s was like living in a loaf of white bread. No social upheaval like the 60’s, no music television revolution like the 80’s and little to no encouragement for a young writer born into an All In The Family archetype. There was no talk of college or anything else really, so I did what my parents did, married the first thing I laid and started my family straight away.


I began my first attempts at storytelling when I was a new mother outlining novels and screenplays between T-ball practices and loads of laundry. But I was young and dumb so these works lay incomplete at the bottom of my dresser drawer for years.

My ignorance to what a world of writing could mean to me was blissful only until around my twenty-eighth year when my prefrontal cortex developed, and I realized that I had made a grave error in judgement. Lucky enough, the legal system will let you divorce your husband of ten years with nothing but $1000, three kids, a dog and $600 a month in child support.


Then came the “jobs”. There was nursing assistant, LPN, sales rep, addiction recovery out-patient and twenty-eight-day programs, night shift on the psyche ward at the veteran’s hospital, then – BOOM! Kid number four! Yes, twenty years and two husbands later, I gave birth to my daughter and woke the hell up!


After Kate, I only changed jobs thrice more to become a licensed massage therapist, a kinesiology instructor at my massage school, and finally an anatomy instructor at the junior college. It wasn’t until I was face to face with teaching a math class – A MATH CLASS – that I re-evaluated my life plan and decided to give writing my full attention. Compiling a bank of stories and characters from all my other lives, I began to weave them into my own signature tales of life and love. 

That was five years ago. To date I have finished my debut novel, Cold Daughters and my second offering, Just DIY both available now from Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. But I assure you, there's so much more to come so I hope you'll return often to look for my up and coming pieces. Let me entertain you with my craft and allow me the opportunity to count you among my followers. 

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