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ArtSpring Festival

I love it when a community shines a light on its creatives! Tucker County, in the highlands of West Virginia, has been celebrating artists and artisans of every ilk since Moses was in diapers. The ArtSpring began in 2011 as a collective of gallery owners, artists, and musicians who came together with a vision to connect and promote their rich and varied arts communities. They coordinate two major festivals each year, ArtSpring Festival in May, and Artober Fest in October, and this year I got myself invited to share my novels at a signing at Happy & Moore Bakery and General Store in Thomas at the spring event. I'll be promoting my little event up until the night, but I really wanted to put the festival news out there so that people get a feel for how great these opportunities are to experience arts culture in our rural state. I hope you all make it out for the live music, food, craft activities, exhibits, and more. And if you can't be a part of it in person, consider donating to support future events. Connect at

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