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New Book Launch!

Take two! My second novel, Just DIY is finally finished and available on in paperback and ebook formats. And even though I can no longer call myself a first-time author, I have to say that opening your first shipment of author copies is just as thrilling the second time around! Indeed, everything about creating Just DIY has been equally as exciting as Cold Daughters. From finishing the manuscript to creating the gorgeous cover, I am so grateful to be living the writer's life!

Because it's been a minute between projects, I thought I'd create this blog to keep my people looped-in to my process along the way from concept to the big reveal. Sign up for my monthly blogposts and get in on my works-in-progress, promotional deals, and future launch dates. I am still pretty new to this whole blogsphere so I hope you'll forgive my amateur mistakes. But I am learning as I go and hopefully getting better at writing, blogging, and staying connected to my favorite readers! Subscribe in the box above and we'll meet here again next month for a sneak peek at my next novel, The Value of Miss Em. Until then, I wish you peace and page-turners!

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