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Cold Daughters

In the aftermath of a devastating act of war in the South China Sea, the core of the earth has been exposed and the magnetic field that protects the planet from the sun's radiation has been compromised. But with the destruction, a miraculous enigma has also been discovered. From the coasts around the war zone a group of mystically atypical baby girls was born, the Cold Daughters. Healthy in every other way, these infants possess the same strange physical imperfections. Even though fear and superstition threaten their safety, with the help of their champions Nia and her surrogate mothers Claudia and Ahi, all renown in their own branches of social and scientific studies, these beautifully odd girls set out to repair the damaged planet. But will their unique physiology be enough to save humankind?


Aggie and MaryAnne were the closest friends, thrown together against all odds, joined at the hip against the world. Until a simple mistake blown out of proportion, blew everything apart. MaryAnne got her ticket out and Aggie retreated to tow the line back on the family farm. Fate wouldn't have it though, and dumb luck and bad choices led them back to one another for better or worse!

The Value of Miss M

Melinda lost everything…again. Starting over became her norm. This time she

returned to teach at the technical school she attended years before, the Cleveland Business Academy. As usual, no one was coming to save her. It was all on her.

Miss M was a bitter, rich, nearly ninety-year-old widow whose family ran the Cleveland Business Academy. Her ungrateful children feared and resented her,

but she held the keys to their past as well as their future.

What could these two women possibly find in common?


Nothing and everything!


In her third contemporary fiction novel, Diana Johnson asks the question, what separates a superhero from a crotchety old bitch? Embark on this journey with Melinda and discover The Value of Miss M.

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